Providing everyone with the opportunity to benefit from the EU

  • Comprehensive, granular
    and transparent service offer

    Understand which services you buy, why and when. What you see is what you get and what you get is what you pay for.

    EUcoach has cut the standard service packages into small units – we call this high service granularity. We have put these services into a clear transparent and comprehensive offer, allowing you to understand and, therefore be able to choose, which services you will need and why.

  • Simple contracting method

    You no longer need to enroll in expensive long-term consultancy contracts. With the EUcoach, consulting services become easily accessible and affordable to everyone.

    Due to the high service granularity and absence of large contracts you can buy only those services, which you really need and “pay as you go”.

  • Innovative service delivery mode

    EUcoach will also generate and deliver services ‘on-the-spot’. You can book your appointment, meet your EUcoach and take away your personalised service deliverable.

    An on-the-spot service is a service (deliverable) prepared by the EUcoach together with the client during a virtual or physical meeting and can be taken away by the client at the end of the meeting.

  • Global presence

    Benefit from the expertise of a Brussels-based consultancy, independent of your location - we deliver our services online.

    Our direct presence in Brussels gives us a great competitive advantage. A privilege of having a direct access to the information enables us to know best how to operate within the local scene. Now we can share our knowledge with you, no matter where you are based. We deliver our services in various formats of virtual meetings, e.g. “go to meetings”, skype and alike.